The Recent Improvements in Denver’s Greatly Improving Home Rental Market

As experts have expected, Denver continues to evolve. Despite the recent setback of the city’s home rental market, which led to an increase in costs that is comparable to those in New York or Los Angeles, recent efforts have led to the market becoming more balanced, and a greater number of affordable rental solutions becoming available.


Last month, Denver’s rental prices started going down, and a lot of excellent apartments became available at prices lower than $1,200/month. Despite this price reduction, the quality of the apartments will obviously stay the same.  So if you are considering committing to one of the many apprenticeships Denver companies are offering, make sure to include the cost of rent in your terms of employment.


One of the best options is to get a studio apartment complete with access to garage parking, fitness center, bike storage and many other benefits. Hardwood floors and brand new, stainless steel appliances are also available without any price increases.


Chestnut Ridge is among the best places to find true luxury at a great price. Here, you have clear ad quick access to Denver’s downtown area by rail. Also, aside from pet-friendly apartment buildings that are brand new, you can enjoy WiFi, swimming pool access and even clubhouse access.


The future of the Denver rental market looks even brighter. With recently started projects aiming to bring hundreds of new affordable housing units to the market, investors are waiting eagerly to tap into this new resource and provide Denver locals – as well as those interested in moving to Denver – with an alternative solution to the expensive apartments and houses that were almost exclusively offered in the past few years.

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