Here are the top 5 reasons why you should update your resume

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should update your resume on, even if you’re not looking for a job.

  1. Remind yourself of your achievements
    We can all use a confidence boost every now and then. Updating your resume will show you just how good you are at what you do.
  2. Understand your personality better
    So you know what it is that you do, but why do you do it? Outlining your experiences will help you understand what it is about your personality that drives you to succeed in your line of work.
  3. Visualize the building blocks that got you where you are
    Now that you know what you do and why you do it, what did it take for you to get where you are? You’ll be able to see what blocks you have built with previous experiences and academics that helped shape who you are today.
  4. Reflect on your strengths and identify your weaknesses
    One of the most popular questions asked in an interview is, “What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are?”. While our strengths are usually obvious to us, we typically have a difficult time seeing our flaws. Analyzing your resume will help you prepare for the most testing question you’ll be asked.
  5. Prepare yourself for the worst
    There is no telling what is going to happen at any given time within your career. Keep your resume up-to-date in order to prepare yourself for the unfortunate events we can’t control.

A good resume starts with fresh information. Whether you’re the active or passive job seeker, there isn’t a better time to update your resume than right now.



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