The Denver Apartment Rental Market – What Should You Expect When Renting a Home?

Even though Denver rents have gone up 3% in the past year or so, there are still many incredible benefits for renting an apartment or a house in the Denver metropolitan area.


That basic statistic in and of itself cannot be considered without keeping in mind the enormous growth that the Denver construction, real estate and industry arena has gone through. With many new homes built over the past few years, a growing job market with some of the highest paying companies in America, and a growing level of flexibility when it comes to financing real estate purchases, both regular homeowners and landlords can benefit a great deal from moving here.


The rental market in particular has been holding steady for the past few years. Despite the recent growth, the diversity available in the Denver area is staggering, and you can rent an apartment near the outskirts for well below $1,000 per month.

Two-bedroom apartments are only slightly over the national average, and the living conditions and amenities available border on the highest level of luxury – including swimming pool access, free WiFi, dog parks and barbecue areas for a pet-friendly apartment around the same price as the national average.


Also, a great thing about moving to Denver is that you can really make a life for yourself here. New work opportunities like higher paying custodian jobs in Denver area, are constantly on the horizon, the crime rate is extremely low, and the schools are well above what you might expect in most places throughout the country.

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